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A day for all my senses

An entire day just for her. Because IT IS a LADY we are talking about here. She came like an unexpected gift and landed in my lap. I welcomed her with open arms and all my love. I enjoyed taking care of her and, as reward, she did everything I asked.

You do not sell sourdough bread, you gift it. I received this wonderful gift from Lavinia’s cakes and buttons (https://www.facebook.com/cakesnbuttons/). It came wrapped with care and accompanied by fresh flowers. Needless to say that it brightened my day.

It started the night before when I had to feed her and ask her nicely to be kind with me as it was my very first time. I fell asleep thinking about her and woke up early in the morning to see… did she spend the night well? I found her beautiful and ebullient, inviting me to get started. But you do not hasten with such a treasure. You take your time, work slowly and tactfully.  She asks for love and attention or else she gets mad and then everything turns upside down.

Sourdough bread needs starter which is the fermentation process of yeast in the dough. The best option is to get it from someone who already bakes, as it can be a long process to begin your own starter.

The prep station First, I read everything I could find about her. I wanted to be well prepared. I learned how to keep her warm, how to massage her, talk to her and even what kind of music she likes. When you listen to the right tunes, your heart grows with joy and so does hers.

My beautiful sourdough bread at the end of four hours of kneading and rising. The baking process stretches over several hours (sometimes even days) as the dough needs time to rise.

The baking process She activated my creative energy and honed all my senses. It had been a long time since I have felt so intensely elated. Nothing was rushing me, and I was not existing for anyone else. Just for her. I was truly happy and smiling again. It is almost silly how such simple joys can make your heart dance.

The crust is crisp and crunchy and perfectly baked. Fresh out of the oven, this sourdough bread is best served with your finest olive oil and… nothing else. ;)

I cherished this dance of ours for days afterwards. I could still smell her in the room, and I could not wait to repeat this experience. The second time though, I became overconfident and rushed her, so it was not the same. I promise next time to dedicate myself entirely as she deserves.

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